Team work

We have come up with a new way of creating new pieces – team work! I love to design things, but I can’t draw for toffee! (Where does that saying come from?) But I can operate my computer and scanner, and Chris has the talent and patience to turn my vagueness into beautifulness (yes, Dad, I know that’s not a real word!).

I recently purchased a book of Japanese stencil designs (with permission given to use), and there was a particular stencil that I thought would work with a quotation I had my eye on. I scanned it in, cut out a few elements, and with a little resizing and jiggery-pokery came up with the half-finished design below, Chris was handed this with vague hand waving about borders and waves. My second design was even more vague, with instructions about putting a garden in the book.

Let your hook be always cast design Book is like a garden design

A few hours later he presented me with these beautiful completed pieces …

Let your hook be always cast completed Book is like a garden completed

Not only is he a very talented artist, he is most accomplished at deciphering my peculiar brand of crazy! I really enjoyed the chance to be creative and I think Chris enjoyed not having to come up with the design before he could get back to playing with fire! I have lots more ideas so this is likely something we will do again soon.

We need your help too, we can’t decide what the titles of the books should be, what do you think?

Just in case you’re interested these are both scorched on 8 inch birch ply rounds, and are £15 each + P&P. They are available in our etsy shop, or if you drop us a line we can send you a paypal invoice.

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