Exploring Wales – Castell Henllys & Pentre Ifan

One of my favourite days out of our staycation was to Castell Henllys, a unique Iron Age hill fort recreated with replica Iron Age roundhouses, built right on top of the excavated remains of an existing hill fort, dating back 2,400 years, set in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Replica Iron Age Roundhouses
The village – replica Iron Age roundhouses, built on top of the excavated remains of an existing hill fort

I love visiting old hill forts and really old castles, or as my beloved calls them, hills and walls 2 bricks high! Too be fair he isn’t far wrong, often there isn’t a great deal to see and much imagination is required. So to be able to visit a hill fort with roundhouses that are even furnished appropriately. To be able to sit in a roundhouse and enjoy the smell of woodsmoke. To be able to try your hand at grinding grain. How cool!

Inside a roundhouse Inside a roundhouse Tools outside a roundhouse Stream at Castell Henllys

Very close by is Pentre Ifan which is one of the finest Neolithic tombs in Britain. With the capstone nearly 17feet long and probably weighing over 16 tons, it is quite incredible to consider this was all done before heavy machinery, and with such careful balance.

Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber

An absolutely fabulous day out, I just wish the day had been longer so we could have checked out all of the other very interesting spots in the area. We will definitely be going back soon.

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