Exploring Wales – By the Seaside

We love the seaside and all the fun stuff that goes with it, like ice-cream, fishing, rock-pooling and did I mention ice-cream! Earlier in the year we discovered New Quay on Cardigan Bay. It is really beautiful, with lots of boats ready to take you out fishing, awesome fish and chip shops, good rock-pooling, and you stand a chance of seeing dolphins from the Harbour wall – we have on both visits!

From New Quay Harbour wall Lifeboat

So of course we had to take my Dad for a visit during our staycation, and fit in a little 4 hour fishing trip! Unfortunately our fishing trip didn’t end quite the way we all expected, as one of our fellow fishermen was overcome by sun and the lifeboat had to be called. I have to say that the response was really very impressive and made me feel incredibly reassured about being out to sea.

Ruins of 12th Century church View from Cmr-yr-Eglwys

Our fishing trip meant that we missed the low tide and so we didn’t get a chance to do any rock-pooling, which of course had to be remedied with another trip to the coast. Cmr-yr-Eglwys is a pretty cove near Newport in Pembrokeshire, it has the remains of a 12th Century church which was destroyed by a storm in 1859. It also has a rather lovely, quiet beach with very good rock-pooling.

Scuttle scuttle Rock-pooling

The rock pools here were full of battling crabs that blew bubbles and nipped Chris’ fingers when he picked them up, swift swimming shrimps that refused to be caught, darting blennies, torpedo shaped fish and waving anemones. Both New Quay and the Newport area are places we will definitely be visiting again!

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