Things have been a little quiet around here as we have been having a ‘staycation’ here in beautiful Wales. In the few months we have been living here we have fallen in love with Wales; the beautiful countryside and relaxed way of life, and so are keen to explore as much of it as possible. To make it extra special my Dad who lives in Canada came to join us, I hadn’t seen him in over 2 years and it was the first time Chris had met him.

We spent the week exploring close to home and a little further afield. Of course I have had my camera with me at all times, and have so many photos and adventures to share that they will have to be spread over a few posts – so keep an eye out for posts tagged ‘Exploring Wales’.

Here are a few posts from very close to home, you can click on them to ‘bigify’.

Charlie bear Home Thistle Lilly

We also visited Craig-y-nos Country Park, which is rather close by. Unfortunately we had let the day get away from us so didn’t get to spend nearly as much time as we would have liked. In fact it was our second visit, and the second time that we spent too much time in the tea shop! They do rather lovely baguettes!

Craig-y-nos Country Park

We will certainly be visiting again, and hopefully completing all the walks. The paths – that we have seen – are all well maintained so it is much gentler walking than when venturing off into the hills! A lovely place for a relaxing day, and a cream tea!

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  1. The Shutter-Nutter Heidi

    Thank you Winter Moon. The weather really has been quite spectacular, although my rather fluffy Charlie bear and I are quite relieved that it has cooled a little!

  2. Winter Moon

    I’m glad you’re having such a wonderful time here in Wales.
    The weather has been quite something lately too.
    Your photographs are perfect!

    Take care : )

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