We live in the free world, here in the west. Or do we?

I won’t go into the increasing erosion of our civil liberties by successive governments because we all see this happening in the society around us.

I’m talking about something intrinsically personal to each of us. Consciousness. The most intimate facet of our nature as human beings.

It is consciousness that makes us sentient, intellectual beings, and your right to know and explore this fundamental aspect of yourself is being withheld by people who have never met you.

I believe we all should have the sovereign right to govern our own consciousness.

Our species, homo sapiens sapiens, the classification for you and every other person today, has existed in the exact same way we now do for roughly 100 000 years, yet it was only in the last 30 000 years or so that humanity began to fashion tools and create art.

And this was not a slow course of behavioural and cultural development, it appears to have been an explosion of creative invention.

What spurred this sudden advancement? What initiated this intellectual evolution?

In truth, no one knows, but to theorise it is possible that the shamanic practices of inducing altered states of consciousness through the ingestion of psychoactive compounds triggered a momentous development of thought.

Consciousness is the most enigmatic aspect of existence. More is known about the furthest reaches of the universe than is known about the nature of the mind.

You are in possession of this ineffable and mysterious tool. You should have the right to use it, to explore is depths and abilities. This abstract, intangible device that makes you who you are, that defines you, that is you, has been switched off by people who have decided to take control of its use.

I’m not here to advocate the use of drugs. I, in fact, feel the use of street drugs such as heroin or cocaine is detrimental to the betterment of the self, though I do champion the right of the individual to experience their effects, providing the use of any substance does no harm to other people or society.

Nor do I profess that psychoactive compounds are for everyone, but I feel their prohibition is not only fundamentally intrusive and morally unjustifiable, but is actively holding back the evolution of our species.

You may assume that mind altering drugs are outlawed because they alter your mind, and have been told that is a dangerous thing. Yet we, as the human animal, are predisposed to seek alterations in our consciousness.

Children will spin round and round and make themselves dizzy. Adults will jump off a bridge with an elastic band tied to their ankles. We enjoy sky-diving, roller-coasters, all manner of thrill rides designed to alter our perception. And drugs are another agent to achieve this change.

In this country, in a shameless display of hypocrisy, we support and subsidise the frequent use of certain mind altering drugs, such as coffee and alcohol, whilst demonising and outlawing the use of others.

One of these drugs is dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, a psychotropic substance claimed to elevate consciousness to a higher state.

This compound exists naturally in your brain, and if your brain deems it appropriate it will flood your mind with this substance to afford you the experience of its effects. Yet the authorities have determined that this compound, which is derived naturally from certain plants, should be suppressed and your right to experience it should be removed.

Furthermore, those who would like to, or do choose to explore the existential nature of the self through altered states of consciousness are routinely discriminated against by those who seek to control our lives, and their agents in society.

The word drugs is often tagged with the suffix abuse, designed to subconsciously affect your perception and condition your response.

Why are these drugs illegal? What is it that scares people so deeply?

I think it comes down to control. The few with power seek to control the many who are effectively powerless. Whether elected, appointed, or a usurper, those in positions of power strive to hold on to it.

Control is achieved by distraction, the magician’s best tactic, and by fear, the tyrant’s ultimate weapon. How important do you think it is to know the inner workings of your mind? To understand its possibilities and explore its horizons? Sounds important, right? But have you ever done anything about this? Would you even know how?

To me this seems a fundamentally important facet of being an intelligent, sentient being. After all, what is more important than life, thought, and our connection with the universe?

Yet rather than investigate methods, chemical or meditational, that may achieve the realisation of the most precious and profound knowledge which affects our entire species, the subject is closed. Indeed, anyone who does seek such knowledge is deemed not only to be a criminal, or a crazy person, or a hippie or any number of derogatory idioms, but also to have less worth as a human being than those unwilling or afraid to walk the path themselves.

Instead we find our lives full of unnecessary distraction. The incessant drivel that the television regurgitates into our minds. The homogenous monotony of pop music. Why would you sit and watch Big Brother, or care who was winning X-Factor when you could be discovering the secrets of consciousness and developing a spiritual connection with the entire universe?

I don’t want to run down religion because I respect people’s choice to believe in what they wish to believe in. But I would like to briefly make the point that in my opinion orthodox religion too has cleverly constructed mechanisms of control through fear and distraction.

If anyone is interested I will expand upon that another time, however I think any rational person can look at the doctrines and practises of the main, in-play religions and see for themselves the methods they use to achieve their agendas.

Spirituality ought to be important to us all. Your spirituality. Your experiences with all that surrounds you. Despite what many choose to believe, and no matter how eloquently they voice their faith, nothing is known about what exists beyond the four dimensions we live in.

I’ve spoken to many members of different faiths who tell me, with obvious joy in their hearts, that God is with them, even as we spoke He was there. I personally did not feel Him but I was assured He was looking out for me. Cheers Dude.

I’ve also spoken to many people who claim, with equal joyousness and conviction, they have met God through their experiences with various different psychotropic substances.

Along with God comes Gaia, or Mother Earth – or other forms of the spirit of Nature – and an interesting range of alien, transcendental and inter-dimensional beings, and indeed the Universe itself.

So who’s right and who’s wrong? Is there a right or wrong? Has one group got it spot on and the rest dangerously misguided? Have they all got it right but spin it according to their own preferences? Or have they all got it wrong and the entirety of existence is all just a string of extremely convenient chance events?

Again, no one knows, though I do hope it’s not that last one. These groups, all labelled as somewhat quirky by the mainstream masses, have in common the belief in a spiritual connection to an intelligence or energy greater than their own.

Why would anyone making such a claim be considered quirky? It again comes down to control. Where once the church had power over our lives our enslavement is now jealously guarded by the government.

You may think we live in a free society. Not so. Every aspect of our lives is under the control and guidance of others, from the way we’re educated to the food we eat.

So what about the last bastion of freedom; the mind? We’re free to think what we like, right? Again, no. Your thoughts have been manipulated and guided your entire life, to the point where you now don’t even consider the most important, fundamental questions about your own existence.

We’ve allowed ourselves to become little more than automatons, stagnating in our singular, unfulfilling form of consciousness, that of the alert, upright, problem-solving mentality, blinkered and ushered in a straight line towards a future where nothing changes.

This is the rotten core of our society, that distracts us from ourselves and makes us fear our own potential.

The nature of consciousness should be the most important subject for our species, for each and every one of us. Why aren’t we experimenting with its abilities and limits? Why aren’t we as a society developing ways to explore and expand it? Why do we care so little about ourselves?

What’s the point? You may ask. Who cares about the soul anyway? We’re heading for a technological singularity and pretty soon we’ll be able to upload consciousness to vast, computerised datanets. We’ll be immortal!

Wow, that’s a pretty out-there theory. You sure you haven’t been smoking anything?

But what if we’re already immortal? Not enough is known about consciousness to conclusively show how it arises in the first place.

Is it generated by the brain? If so, when the generator breaks down does consciousness cease to be generated?

Or does the brain act more like a television set, is consciousness received and channeled from another source?

The answer is unknown. However, traditional and new-age theories converge in an interesting way. Throughout history we hear of individuals who have spoken with God. This divine entity, our ally, who loves us, guides us and watches over us, is the same inter-dimensional consciousness who appears in the journeys of the shamans.

That is not meant to inflame or upset anyone, the similarities between orthodox religious experiences and the visions of shamanic practises are obvious.

Regardless of the outcome, or the belief system of the experiencer, the interesting point is the method by which these life-changing events are achieved.

In shamanic rites it is unequivocal; DMT is the catalyst. As we now know, DMT exists naturally in the human brain. Are religious experiences triggered by the release of DMT? Could religion be our attempts to qualify our shared glimpses into the dimension which houses the collective consciousness?

Snap out of it people. The War on Consciousness is still being waged, but there are those who fight for your freedom. Don’t let our oppressors triumph. Demand control of your sovereign right, to govern your own consciousness. Be the master of your own mind, and be on the side of Evolution.

See you in the next world.

Peace and Love x