We used to live within sight of Glastonbury Tor. There was a comfort in it’s presence, you knew if you could see the Tor that you were close to home. Yesterday the 2019 Glastonbury Festival began so to celebrate we created this sheepy tribute.

Glastonbaary enamel mug

Of course Glastonbury, unlike the magical Avalon, can be found at any time, it does not disappear into the mists when the festival isn’t happening. It is also well known for having it’s fair share of hippies, who might enjoy our Don’t Worry, Bee Hippie mug.

Don't Worry, Bee Hippie Mug

Glastonbury really is a pretty cool place, it’s cool as … sheep. And so is our other new personalised design.

Cool as Sheep

We hope you you like our new designs, if you would like one you can either message us direct or visit our etsy or folksy shops.

Please let us know any suggestions for new designs in the comments below.

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