New mug designs - Glastonbaary, Bee Hippie, Cool As Sheep

We used to live within sight of Glastonbury Tor. There was a comfort in it’s presence, you knew if you could see the Tor that you were close to home. Yesterday the 2019 Glastonbury Festival began so to celebrate we created this sheepy tribute. Of course Glastonbury, unlike the magical Avalon, can be found at … Read moreGlastonbaary

Bryan is Supplyin’ some wood for Glorifyin’ (no G)*

Findin’ new and interestin’ things to scorch can be quite difficult, and the various different craft shops tend to sell the same items. It’s fun to burn somethin’ different now and again so I was excited to discover the husband of a friend of ours spends a fair amount of time in his workshop creatin’ … Read moreBryan is Supplyin’ some wood for Glorifyin’ (no G)*