Project 365 completed 

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Last year I challenged myself to do a project 365, and it was with great relief that on the 31st December I took the final picture.

Life changed some over the course of the year and I did find that real life interfered with the project! First trimester ‘morning’ sickness left me uninspired and unenthusiastic; wedding planning and house hunting left me with no time for frivolous pursuits. But with much support from Chris I made it through. Well mostly. There were two days in November when I was frantically cooking and preparing for our wedding that I quite simply forgot my camera existed!

The project didn’t have quite the effect I expected, it became rather a burden by the end, and on January first this year I celebrated not having to take a picture, and have barely looked at my camera in the month since. On days when we were at work and at home finding inspiration became a struggle, many days Chris coined as ‘yet another picture of the cats nose’! And there are a lot of pictures of Ollie and Charlie in my finished project.

I am disappointed that there are two missing days, but not enough to try again as I think that would spell the end of my love of photography! Plus we have a few other things to occupy us this year! Instead I plan on picking my camera back up and having fun with it.

I finally worked through all of the pics and published the finished project. I would love to know what you think.

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