For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to challenge my dad and sister to a weight loss challenge! The deal is that the winner after 3 months gets to pick an activity that all must participate in, and the loser pays!

So I am contemplating different diets, reading all sorts about nutrition, and spending an inordinate amount of time on the My Fitness Pal website. And right now I am trying to pacify my empty middle with herbal tea and carrot sticks!

Thinking positively and believing that I can win, I need to choose an activity. I am tempted to make them go sea fishing with me, but little sister does get very sea sick so that seems a little mean. Or maybe horse riding, but if we don’t all lose enough that would be very unkind to the horses! Little sister is threatening ‘Go Ape’ if she wins, so maybe I shouldn’t worry about being nice to her! Dad is suggesting we have a slap up meal, so maybe I should be rooting for him!

Do you have any suggestions for activities or any magic recipes for weight loss?