This post was from summer 2013, but in my beer addled haze it was lost in the drafts folder. Having re-located it and in honour of the Ashcott Beer Festival which we will be enjoying this weekend I thought I would share it …

Local Beer


Chris after too much Welsh beer!

Okay, I look totally deranged here, and just for the record I’m not totally deranged … just partially.

Anyways. So, we’ve been to a few beer festivals lately. Did I say beer festivals? I meant food festivals. And now we’re considered ‘foodies’ by some of the stall holders, who think we’re stalking them (we’re really not, really we’re not), we’ve discovered something interesting.

Firstly, as evidenced, I like beer! This isn’t really news as I’ve enjoyed beer since my best bud and ale aficionado Gary opened my taste buds to it, after I’d been suppressing their powers with European lager – bleeerk!

Beer comes in a million and one varieties (yes, I counted), and many have whimsical or crazy names, like Bonkers Conkers, Fursty Ferret, Piddle in a Glass, Squeezed Stoat and Humble Gubbins. They come in a range of colours and shades, and a whole host of flavours. Some are light, seeming to float along the bar towards you on fluffy clouds, offering intoxicating aromas and subtle hints of flavour, and others come from the dark side, so black that no light can be reflected through them, embodied with rich, deep flavours like liquorice or chocolate.

This weekend is the annual beer festival in Ashcott, and I have a golden ticket that will ensure i’ll be stumbling home singing little songs about pixies.

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