Today is a Gift

Hey Cathy, (and Hi to everyone else too)

Cathy asked me to do a sign with a specific saying so I’ve been busy squirrelling about in the studio, word-herding and pencil-wrangling, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

Cathy, take a look and let me know if you like either, and really like one in particular. If you’re happy for me to scorch one of these designs I’ll get started, and when it’s ready I’ll create a custom listing for you on etsy. I can do the lettering in fire (so it’s essentially black on white), or I can scorch the background to leave the letters light (like a negative), it’s up to you.

Today is a Gift 2 Today is a Gift 1

I’d also like to know everyone else’s opinion too. Which one do you like? Should I do both? Should I do neither and start again? Is there life on Mars? How many people does it take to screw in a light bulb? Are my pants partying with my socks when the drawer is closed? All opinions and thoughts on these important matters greatly appreciated.

Chris x

Edit October 1st

Here’s the completed sign, and the other two you wanted with their inscriptions …

Custom signs - fronts Custom signs - backs

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  1. Both are cool Chris

    1. Thanks Gary, and good to see you here.
      (Tribute goes top 5 in my book!)

  2. really like the lettering of the bottom one, just because it’s that bit different. but having said that both would definitely sell, so you should do them both! 😉

    I can’t enlighten you on the pants/socks situation as mine are kept in separate drawers, but i do think my sock unpair themselves and party, so probably!

    as for the light bulb, my t-shirt says: “how many philosophers does it take to screw in a light bulb? well that depends on what is meant by “philosopher”, “light bulb”, and this so called “screwing in” relation’

    hope that helps! 😉

    1. Sounds like your pants and socks are up to all sorts of no good when they get together – very wise to keep them separated – you don’t want them talking your t-shirts into mischief. When your socks are partying what kind of music do you think they listen to? I bet they love sock n roll. One two three o’clock, four o’clock sock!

      I prefer the lettering in the bottom pic too (that’s the pic below the top one – I don’t have a tattoo on my bum! …yet). I’ll do that one even if Cathy wants the top one.

      Ah, those philosophers, always over thinking things. Why not just have a nice cup of tea 🙂


      Oh, and thanks, it certainly does help.

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