Light Side or Dark Side of the Fleece mug


Are Ewe on the Light side or the Dark side of the Fleece?

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One is a Jedi Master who hobbled about with a walking stick but somersaulted off the walls during a fight, then retired to a swamp and became grouchy.

The other is a Sith Lord who was always grouchy, and foresaw every detail of his rise to power, except the crucial one where his apprentice threw him into an exploding reactor.

They are Yoda, head of the Jedi Council and all round good guy, and Palpatine, a guy so power hungry you couldn’t trust him with a wind up torch, who sacrificed his homeworld in his quest to become Emperor.

When this pair got together for a dust up everyone cleared off to give them some space. Lightsabers, blue lightning, psychokinetic powers, crashing podules, this battle has it all.

Who will win? Are Ewe ready to choose a side? Are Ewe on the Light side or the Dark side of the Fleece?

Our original, unique designs are printed onto mugs for us by a fabulous small British business with excellent eco and ethical credentials, they even plant trees to offset their carbon footprint.

Your mug will come to you with 100% plastic free packaging.

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Weight .150 kg
Dishwasher & Microwave safe





Plastic Free




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