Mandeville Richmond for sale

This rather handsome fellow is Mandeville Richmond a lovely Moorit Gulmoget.

Mandeville Richmond

I have a real fondness for all the Shetland shades of brown and a particular love of the Gulmoget pattern, and as would be expected from the Mandeville flock he is a really lovely example of both.

Sadly due to our upcoming move we are needing to reduce our flock, and as he has already done his duty, he is first up.

We are asking for £120, but given the time of year are willing to consider sensible offers. We would also be willing to consider renting him if needs be.

With the imminent arrival of our little one, and our house move we would not be able to deliver. We are currently in Somerset, but from early April should be in south Wales.

You can check out his Pedigree on the Shetland Sheep Association website.

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