Absence makes the heart grow fonder – take 2!

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, although I am not entirely certain that this principle can be applied to blogs! You would be quite reasonable in thinking that we had forgotten all about you and our blog, but I promise we haven’t! In December last year I started a short contract for … Read moreAbsence makes the heart grow fonder – take 2!

Memory Burden Reducers – aka Bookmarks

It’s a little known fact but in our hectic modern society the human brain is able to remember more than four things at a time, an incredible feat of referencing and recall. But now, thanks to the recent invention of the bookmark, you can remove one of those memory burdens in order to add another. … Read moreMemory Burden Reducers – aka Bookmarks

Extraordinary Mushrooms

Just last week I was exploring at the bottom of the garden, where the grass grows high and the trees are twisty and covered in moss, when I chanced upon an unusual patch of extraordinary mushrooms. Fascinated, I knelt down and crawled carefully forward for a closer look. I was astonished to see little windows … Read moreExtraordinary Mushrooms

When life gives you lemons …

“When life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic!” This philosophical phrase, which is an allegory for maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity, was first coined by Confucius during the capture of Shandong Province when the Zhou Dynasty, known for their militant use of fruit during the easier campaigns, pelted the … Read moreWhen life gives you lemons …

A New Venture

How did we get to September already? What happened to the summer? This year is flying past at quite an alarming rate! Earlier in the summer we had an unexpected visit from the council tax people who wanted to reevaluate our banding. This resulted in them classing our separate self-contained ‘annex’ as a separate dwelling … Read moreA New Venture