Coasters, a short history

Although this post is called a short history, coasters actually have a very long career of hanging out under our cups and glasses and stopping drips of drinks from staining our furniture. Let’s find out more shall we? The origin of the coaster is shrouded in mystery, possibly kept under wraps by the Freemasons, but … Read moreCoasters, a short history

Mavis is Free!

We escaped to the countryside on the weekend to see if we could get my little sis and her husband into our exciting new obsession with geocaching. We started at Great Witcombe Roman Villa and then headed off into the woods … Chris had scorched some hitch-hikers for travel bug dog tags and we decided … Read moreMavis is Free!

A custom piece, custom made for you, the customer.

If you’re wondering about the process of turning your idea into an actual factual fire and wood item, have a read of this post, because I’m about to attempt to explain it. First off, I think, is the important aspect of the price. You want to know how much this is going to cost before … Read moreA custom piece, custom made for you, the customer.