Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Tea for one is lots of fun
But twice as nice is Tea for two
When Tea for Two is me and you

Is it a verse? Is it a ditty? What about rhythmic prose or a tenuous haiku? How about a haibun? Could it be an ode or a lyric, a song or a sonnet? Is it an iambic pentameter or a dactylic hexameter? A shanty, a chant? A ballad, a strain? A vowel-chime, a word-mime, a hymn, a refrain?

Well, it’s some of those things and one of those things, all of those things and none of those things.

It is a poem, and I wrote it as a gift to my beautiful and lovely wife who loves tea. Oh, and then I singed it into this wooden cup and saucer for her as well.

The naked cup and saucer was a gift from a friend of ours, whose husband makes lots of amazing items out of wood. They have provided a few more items for me to scorch and sell. So keep your eyes peeled as exciting, unusual new things will be coming soon.