All safely home

With the help of Facebook we finally have all of our sheep home safe and sound! How can Facebook catch sheep I hear you ask, well ….

After our last post we went back again and managed to get the remaining three contained in electronet fencing. What we didn’t realise was that Shetland sheep can fly! Chris managed to catch Nina and get her in the trailer, but when he came back to try for the next one Davina jumped clear over the fence, closely followed by Gracie! We both stood there gob-smacked as Davina blew raspberries at us and then strolled off leading Gracie away.

Davina has always been the most skittish of our little flock, and given her precedence over Gracie who would normally be quite friendly, every trip back after that saw us watching them watching us from a distance! No matter what we put in the bucket they were coming nowhere near us.


This is where Facebook came to our rescue, we are members of a group dedicated to Shetland sheep and another for the Somerset Smallholders Association, and I posted on both looking for advice. Everyone was fab, and we were offered lots of advice and help. Our rescue came at the hands of the very kind Tim and his amazing dog Bruno.

I can only apologise for the poor pictures, but my camera battery was dying and I don’t move very quickly, unlike Shetland sheep, Tim and Bruno! And everything happened so quickly I really couldn’t keep up.

We arrived and got the trailer in place and I snapped a picture of Davina at 10:58am. 5 or so minutes later Tim arrived, scoped things out and then fetched out the superstar Bruno. By 11:14am Gracie was caught! 4 minutes later after the most amazing display Davina was in hand!

Gracie caught Bruno at work

We were quite simply in awe. To top it all Bruno is only 15 months old!

If you are looking for sheepdog training then I would highly recommend getting in touch with Tim, he has a Facebook group called Come Bye and Away Sheepdog Beginners Trails, and he and his dogs are quite simply amazing.

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