Green man

The Green Man – who is he and what does he want? Well, he’s a man made of leaves, and he probably wants a drink of water.

Green Man - All finished

He’s been around longer than anyone can remember and features in the myths and legends of many cultures around the world. He’s associated with paganism, and gods of growth and spring, but he also appears frequently in churches, sometimes hiding up high in crafty corners and sometimes out in the open. You’ll also find him in pubs, and occasionally in May Day festivals, hanging out with Jack-in-the-Green.

Along with searching him out in half hidden places you can now have one of your own on the wall of your home, office, shed, garage, tree house, bivouac, nuclear fallout shelter, or space ship…wherever you hang out.

This Green man is scorched into a solid slice of silver birch wood measuring 295 by 190 mm and 20 mm thick. There is a hook on the back so he’s ready to hang. And he is waiting for you in our shop.

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