A Sea of Tea

I love Tea, all sorts of Tea, and I drink it by the gallon. Some days it’s a wonder I don’t float away! But it isn’t regular loose tea bags tea that I drink, but rather the stuff that comes in individual little paper envelopes, and has herbs and flowers in it. The boxes are now taking over our kitchen and Chris tells me it is becoming a problem!

I needed a box to keep a selection of tea bags in at work and I found the perfect treasure chest, but as Tea is part of my de-stressing ritual during the day, it needed to be a pretty box that would make me smile.

I had an idea for a design, but as my artistic abilities are well, non-existent, I handed Chris the box with a very vague description of what I wanted, and here is the result.

Tea box Tea box lid Tea box

Isn’t it beautiful!

Do you need a chest for keeping treasure in, or a special box to hide precious things? One with a unique and personal design? Why not drop us a line, trust me, Chris is very good at translating nebulous thoughts into beautiful things.

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