We Was, Like the Grammar in This Title, On Holiday

Where have you been? Why aren’t you blogging? These questions, and others like why haven’t you got any money? And, how come you know so much about canals now? can be answered by telling you we’ve been on holiday, in a barge, on some canals.

Here’s a picture of me being the captain.

Pirate Captain

Observant readers will notice I appear to be a pirate captain*. Which is fine, and I like being a pirate captain…arrrrr! However, I am aware pirates traditionally skippered sloops or schooners, but I’m sure for a change of pace even the haaaardiest pirate chose a canal barge as his holiday transport of choice. He would probably have taken his hat off though, so as not to give the game away.

Normal service will resume once the Shutter-Nutter has worked her way through the hundreds of pictures she took!

* The Shutter-Nutter asked if I wanted a Captains hat – and when I said yes this is what happened! Yes, she is bonkers!

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