#1day12pics April

This weekend we had the family together not just for Easter but also to have a little party for Chris’ birthday, and if it wasn’t a busy enough day I had also found a new photography challenge 1day12pics.

Looking back at the pictures, I am not thrilled with the quality of all of them, but I do really like how it shows the course of my day.

1day12pics_1 1day12pics_2
1day12pics_3 1day12pics_4
1day12pics_5 1day12pics_6
1day12pics_7 1day12pics_8
1day12pics_9 1day12pics_10
1day12pics_11 1day12pics_12

What you can’t see from the final group photo is that we had 3 mums at the party. We are a large family and frequently drive each other crazy, but we are blessed with parents who have made a home where everyone is always welcome.