Who’s in the Oink-quest?

Dis-Gruntled Pig was always happy, but someone has stolen the Pig’s Oink! Who has done this? And why? Poor Pig is very sad so we need to solve this mystery fast. Pig’s friend Secret Agent Shark has gathered together a crack-ed squad to help …


Secret-Agent Shark was recruited into Military Intelligence from the SAS – the Secret Army Sharks. He possesses an inexhaustible supply of ineffectual disguises.

Baron Silverback is a Crime Overlord and the boss of a very successful criminal gang. Although he appears to be gruff and grumpy, he is in fact a big softy, and does a lot of secret work for charity.

Lyrical Lemur seems to think she lives in a musical, as she converses exclusively in rhyming song, and is never found without her Ukulele to hand.

Freewheelin’ Frog, aka The Bohemian Amphibian, is a beach-bum hippie-chick who surfs all day and sleeps in her VW camper van. She is addicted to Jaffa cakes and Maltesers.

Shonkey Donkey was fired from the Beach Ride Donkeys after children kept falling off his back because of his wobbly waddle walk.

Bean-Counter Bear is a very methodical bear who is always stopping to count things, and needs to know how many of everything there is.

Clucky Duck grew up on a farm as the only duck in a flock of chickens. She most staunchly believes she’s a chicken, even though every third word she says is quack.

Pitter-Patter Penguin loves to dance. His favourite film is Happy Feet, which he’s seen 7½ times. He can often be found with Lyrical Lemur and they are always the life and soul of the party.

Plink-plonk Platypus is the world marble- losing champion, she loves to play marbles, but just isn’t very good at keeping track of them!

Helium Chameleon has discovered how to fly! He inhales helium balloons, drifts into the air and hopes the breeze sends him somewhere good. A permanent side effect of this gaseous goof-ballery is his very squeaky voice.