Our first time!

Last Thursday we went to our first craft fair as vendors rather than customers. I suppose by most people’s expectations it would be considered a failure as we didn’t actually sell anything, but we didn’t expect to. We had been warned that being a new event it was very quiet, so figured it would be a good experience of what a craft fair would really be like.

Craft fair setup Craft fair setup

We learnt a lot about organisation and presentation, which will stand us in good stead for next time. We met lovely people, including the awesome Cath from Ty Siriol Ceramics, who has been hugely generous with her advice and moral support. We handed out some business cards to people possibly interested in custom gifts for Christmas. And, thankfully, it was the confidence booster for Chris that I had hoped it would be, even though he didn’t sell anything, having random strangers commenting and smiling over his work was more convincing than all the words from me or our friends and family!

Craft fair spoons

Plus he got 3 new wooden spoons completed which will be available on our etsy store later this week!

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  1. we didn’t make a lot of sales at our first fair either, but the appreciation from people was brilliant, and like you we handed out lots of business cards! we’ve got lots of fairs lined up in the run up to christmas though, so fingers crossed for us and hope it goes really well for you 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. We haven’t quite figured out which shows to go to in the lead up to Christmas! Do you have any recommendations?

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