LadyBirds Nature Parent & Toddler Group

We recently discovered the LadyBirds Nature Parent & Toddler Group at Dare Valley Country Park and we love it. We all get time away from work while feeling good that it is for Alex’s benefit! 🙂

LadyBirds Nature Parent & Toddler Group

I had so much fun taking pictures of Alex that we decided we should have a caption competition, so please pop over to The Hectic Hang Out and join in, you can win one of our fridge magnets!

In case you are interested in the group it runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings up at Dare Valley Country Park. If you are local, or just visiting the area, check it out, it’s great fun for kids.

It’s not only great for the kids though. This morning I had a lovely long chat with another mum about the joys and difficulties of motherhood and particularly breastfeeding. We don’t really know many people near by and it really helped to chat with someone who is in a similar situation and just gets it! 

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