Express Yourself!

Yesterday we were most fortunate that the power company decided we didn’t need electricity for the day, and since I work from home, this meant we needed to find another way to occupy ourselves. As the day was rather lovely, if a tad brisk, we decided to take Mum for a little walk in the countryside!

Up Burrow Mump!

We discovered that Burrow Mump is a rather fantastic view point, and spotted these swans having a little falling out down on the levels. I think the following swan was most definitely expressing himself and I don’t think it was polite!

Behind You!
Get off my water!

A little later in the day in a different stretch of the levels we found this lovely pair of Egrets expressing themselves through dance!

Do a little dance!

We also took the opportunity to introduce Mum to geocaching, and given that our Cat is called Oliver and I am slightly obsessed with dragons, how could we resist “Oliver’s Dragon Cache”?!?!

Oliver's Dragon cache

As well as just wanting to share some of our joy, these pics are my contribution to the following weekly challenges: