A Present Segment of Time I’ve Spent

Hey Folks,

I’m back again with another humble jumble of the sorts of thoughts I’d like to share with you all. First off, due to a recent family crisis poor Hectic has been neglected of late, but I want you to know we’re still here, still pyrographisizing and photographisizing and blographisizing.

Writing this post is actually proving to be rather difficult because it’s snowing. Well, blizzarding might be a better term, and the world outside the window is entirely distracting. The sun is shining brightly, perhaps even a little too brightly and I’m squinting now, so please forgive any spelling mistakes. Sun and snow at the same time is quite magical and I expect the pixies and fairies are having a marvellous time out there.

The mountain in our back garden is shining in the sun like a vast outcrop of crystal quartz, and peculiar balls of snow are slowly rolling across the hillside, pausing now and again to converse in strange bleating sounds. And still it snows. Diminishing and replenishing. Dropping away to almost nothing, the flakes themselves shrinking to tiny dots, white on white. Then returning in countless numbers, bigger, bolder, filling the air and riding the wind, eddying and swirling as they chase and follow one another.

This mesmeric undulation of the falling flakes carries with it an archaic message; Nature is preparing to sleep. As she settles to slumber her breath is steady, its ebb and flow initiates the seasonal death of winter, and that which lives rooted to the surface also must sleep.

There will be silence and stillness, darkness and cold, and the world will await the waking of its patron. When her eyes prepare to open her heart will re-stoke the sun, her breath will warm the air, and a lush carpet of colour will be prepared for her feet.

But before then we can all wrap up warm and go sledging! Hurrah!

Now, I may have been away for a while but I’ve still been working Hecticly, mostly on some commissioned pieces.

I’ve recently made a plaque for a charity event at the Rugby Club in Ystradgynlais which was presented to Greg Davies. For those who are wondering, Greg plays the teacher from the Inbetweeners (as well as currently starring in his own TV show and numerous stand up gigs).

For Greg Davies

I didn’t go to the event but I will try to acquire a picture of him receiving the plaque to add in later. It was a huge privilege to be asked to do the sign and I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Ive also done some boxes for a friend from my art class. She really liked them and told me she has another seven assorted boxes she wants me to do, so I’m going to be busy for a while!

Box for Victoria
Celtic knotwork hearts box

I really like the Celtic heart box, and although it takes a lot longer to black out the background I think the overall effect is worth it.

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I hope you enjoyed this shambling ramble and will look out for another blog soon.

I’m off to dig out my snow suit and dust off my sledge. But first, more coffee!

Love and snowballs x

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