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How long has the internet existed? 20 years? 50? 12000 years? Who knows… Google perhaps. Anyway, now it’s up and running I thought I’d make a site and begin a blog.

Actually, Heidi did all the work making the site, I just made the coffee.

Perhaps I ought to babble about myself for a bit, eh? My name is Chris, I’m fnuhg years old and I live in the Brecon Beacons in Wales. My girlfriend, Heidi, and I recently moved here to be out in the country and enjoy a slower pace of life. I’ve always had a bit of an artistic streak, so when Heidi bought me a pyrography kit I decided to try and make a go of it.

‘You can do anything you put your mind to’, was something I’m sure you were told as often as I was growing up. I put my mind to becoming telepathic, but it isn’t working yet, so I won’t vouch for the validity of that statement. Nevertheless, it’s a sentiment worth sharing, and with a little practice, a little more practice, then a ton of practice, you really can do anything you put your mind to. Except perhaps becoming telepathic…still not working.

So far I’ve only pyro-scribed a few things, but I’m told they’re quite good, so I intend to do many more, and hopefully some of you might think they’re good enough to adorn your house or hang in the garden.

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